DEPRESSION(A trap for young writers) – Chigudu Priscillia

DEPRESSION(A trap for young writers)
• It is not easy to get inspiration and put down something on paper. Writers should be recognized in the society, especially if the person is striving to come out. They should be helped in areas of their weaknesses rather  than being neglected.

•  They should be appreciated, whatever the cost.  a monthly subscription of data to help them make researches on writing, could give them great courage. it’s enough discouragement when you can’t make it in a competition.
• Loosing a competition does not mean they are failures or that they will never make it. So   don’t tag them ‘ failures’. give them every reason to be better.

•  when you come across a writer with so many errors, learn to patiently Correct them instead of turning them down and refusing to help them.
Before accepting to be a writer, you must accept to win and loose; you must be ready to face rejection and shame too, otherwise,you might  quit  your writing career even before you begin.
  The good great book clearly tells us to ‘guide our hearts with all deligence, for out of it are the issues of life’As a writer, guide what you read, when you do, you guide what you think and what you write.Remember that you become what you write in no distant time. if you are used to reading horrors, your mind Will produce horrors. The mind only produces what it has been fed with. so feed your mind with the right things.

   To wrap it all up, learn to run to God when depression sets in. Suicide is not an option!
©Chigudu Priscillia

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