Dobale by Moses Akoh

Moses Akoh, is a singer, songwriter and a worship leader.
He has been on several international platforms.
He finds pleasure in expressing his love for God in worship music. He is known for his powerful sound of worship whenever he leads worship. He just released his debut album in July, in the Philippines, but he is back now to Nigeria.

When we approach God, and we encounter His love, we have nothing left to do than to bow down.
Hence to Dobale, which is the Yoruba way of greeting someone or a Deity who is deserving of honor. Dobale is about worship in reckless abandon. When we Dobale for our God, then we OYOYO on him. Oyoyo means to hug, with a big embreace, like a form of welcome.
As you worship with this song, may you experience the Love and presence of Jesus, wrapping around you.


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