This piece is for someone out there, who want to wait for a mentor before moving on.  Keep reading!

I started writing around 2017. I remembered vividly during the protest against #NoTwoKingInBwari when few of my friends were asking me to write them an article and a poem about the events at that time. As time goes on, they started advising me to be writing out so that I can be seen. But I turned down the idea. I am a shy person and social media was the last thing on my mind as of then. I preferred writing to them and they post their timelines.

As time moved on, I saw myself coming out of my shell. I didn’t know how it happened, but my write ups started flowing on my Facebook timeline and I had to open a page. I was still shy and a bit rusty.

I tried to stop writing, when I realized that i wasn’t writing well. I recalled a friend telling me that my write ups are not really nice. I felt bad about it. That night, I packed all my writing materials and threw them inside my drawer. I couldn’t get it out myself, it was like a part of me was gone. But I wanted to stop writing and I allowed myself to be pulled down by criticisms.

However, I didn’t.  I kept moving forward, I met people who were willing to help me through and NigerBreed is one. I didn’t even want my article and stories to be blog because I was writing on my own; no coach or mentor. I felt bad when I got kicked out of a group and blog for a reason I didn’t know about and I never asked why? Because I don’t want them to belittle me. So, because I have no coach or mentor, I should wait until I get one before I can start doing what I love to do, No.

This piece is for you! Having a coach and mentor is a good idea it helps you grow pragmatically. I’ve tried looking for one for myself. But if you have someone who will mentor you with love and encouragement go for it.

 Mentors are not perfect; they are just ahead of you. Let me tell you something, mentors are competitors among themselves. They want to outsmart each other. So, don’t give up because you don’t have one.

I remembered telling my close friend that I want to stop writing because I don’t have a coach. He said, “If you ever stop writing, that will be the end of our friendship.” Have friends who will build you and encourage you always not people who will be criticizing you and advising you to stop till you are perfect. “When are you going to be perfect?”Answer that to yourself!

Why this piece?

I was called by a group on WhatsApp a while ago and given a topic to discuss with youths like me. At first, I told them I can’t do it, because I have nothing to offer them. But on a second thought, I don’t know what they must have seen in me. So, I accepted. At the end of the discussion, I found myself giving them words of encouragement that myself lack.

What’s your decision?

I was asked this question too. It is normal to be criticize by people. That’s how we learn. Sometimes as a writer or boss, you don’t see the fault until you give out to one or two persons to look into it. Even writers today, if the perfecter of all could come down and read their piece, faults would be seen. That’s to tell you, nobody is perfect.!

Keep pushing till the mentor arrive. He/she will only add little, correct and adjust few. A mentor is someone like you except that he/she is much more experienced than you.  If you keep pushing, you might get there even without a mentor.

Your number one mentor should be your God and favorite writers and so on. When you feel like giving up, remember why you started. Trust me, a lot of people are loving what you are doing.

Set motivational quotes to yourself. Refer to them when you get the odd to give up.

“I write as if there are no readers to judge, because if I am mindful of them, I will be limited instead of inspired.”

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